How to connect Stripe subscription with Webflow, Wized and Xano

Aldair Gallardo
January 27, 2024
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How to connect Stripe subscription with Webflow, Wized and Xano


Hello everyone! Welcome to this detailed tutorial on setting up a subscription flow using Stripe, integrated with Webflow, Wized, and Xano. In this guide, we will meticulously walk you through each step of the process, demonstrating how to efficiently create a subscription-based model for your website or application. This tutorial is designed to cater to both those who are new to subscription models and those looking to enhance their existing setup.

Step by Step Guide:

  1. Initial Setup and User Authentication:
  2. Understanding the Importance: We begin by discussing why secure user authentication is a cornerstone in Webflow.
  3. Practical Steps: Follow our easy steps to set up basic login functionality and capture user emails, linking them directly to their subscriptions.
  4. Implementing Payment Method and Stripe Integration:
  5. Payment Method Integration: We'll guide you through adding a payment method in Webflow using the robust capabilities of Stripe.
  6. Stripe Setup Details: A comprehensive breakdown of Stripe's setup process, focusing on the crucial role of webhooks for keeping payment methods up to date.
  7. Saving Credit Card Details and Managing Webhooks:
  8. Secure Credit Card Storage: Learn how to securely save credit card details with Stripe’s checkout session for a hassle-free user experience.
  9. Webhook Management: We delve into managing Stripe webhooks, ensuring you're always updated on checkout sessions and payment method changes.
  10. Linking Customer Data and Setting Default Payment Methods:
  11. Customer Data Linkage: Our step-by-step guide on linking Stripe’s customer ID to your user database in Xano.
  12. Streamlining Billing: Setting up default payment methods in Stripe for a smoother billing cycle.
  13. Subscription Activation and Handling Responses:
  14. Activating Subscriptions: Detailed instructions on how to activate subscriptions in Stripe and effectively handle server responses.
  15. Managing the Flow: Setting up the subscription flow and adeptly managing webhook responses for successful subscription activities.
  16. Rendering Payment Information and Preparing for Activation:
  17. User Interface Integration: How to display saved payment methods on the user interface, utilizing data directly from Stripe.
  18. Activation Preparation: Ensuring all necessary data and interfaces are primed for subscription activation.
  19. Creating and Managing Subscriptions:
  20. Initiation to Completion: Launching the subscription process through Stripe's API and managing the ensuing responses and webhooks for accurate status tracking.
  21. Status Updates: We’ll help you update the user interface to accurately reflect the subscription status, ensuring transparency and trust.


In conclusion, we've walked through the essential steps and their significance in establishing a Stripe subscription integrated with Webflow, Wized, and Xano. This guide is designed to be adaptable, catering to your unique needs while highlighting the versatility of these powerful tools and platforms.

About Produlis:

Produlis uses the best possible tools to deliver top-of-the-shelf web solutions. With Webflow and Wized taking care of our designs and development needs and collaborative management through Xano, we ensure that our service is as effective as it is incredibly delightful. Whether you're looking to create a cutting-edge SaaS platform, an interactive eLearning environment, or a robust eCommerce store, we have the expertise to make it happen. Book a call with us to learn how we can make a success of your web development project, regardless of its complexity or nature.


Can I build a custom Web Apps using Webflow?

We can build custom web applications using Webflow. This method significantly reduces our development costs and makes design maintenance simpler. Our expertise ensures enhanced functionality while guaranteeing that our web app is scalable and adaptable. We use Webflow as the front-end for our application, seamlessly integrating it with any REST API for a secure and efficient connection between applications. This approach ensures we develop a robust, user-friendly, and future-proof digital solution.

What types of applications can be developed with Produlis using Webflow, Wized, and Xano?

We leverage the strengths of Webflow, Wized, and Xano to develop diverse applications. Our range includes custom applications for specific business needs, booking management systems, e-commerce platforms, educational courses, productivity-enhancing tools, marketplaces, and job boards. Each solution we craft prioritizes user experience, scalability, and innovation, catering to unique client requirements.

How does Produlis ensure GDPR compliance and manage high traffic on Webflow Apps?

We specialize in creating fully GDPR-compliant Webflow websites. By using the proper tools and practices, we ensure GDPR compliance, adhering to stringent data protection standards. Additionally, our use of Webflow's enterprise-grade stack and global hosting network enables us to efficiently handle large traffic surges, ensuring high scalability. Furthermore, both Webflow and Xano, which are integral to our web development process, are SOC 2 Type II compliant, guaranteeing top-notch security, availability, and confidentiality for your website.

What post-launch support services does Produlis offer for Webflow applications?

After the launch of your app, our agency, known for its expertise in Webflow, Wized, and Xano, offers comprehensive post-launch support and maintenance. This service includes essential updates for security, prompt rectification of any bugs, updating content as needed, and design updates to ensure your website continues to function optimally and stays current with the latest web standards and technologies.

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